Buy now and pay later TV’s are a great way to save money when you’re looking to buy a new television. This is because with this payment option you can sread the cost of the TV over a series of months even years thus allowing you to easily afford a top of the range TV today!

The benefits of buying a TV on finance is that you get the Television set immediately and can then pay it off in small amounts every week or month. This means that you will barely notice the cost of a brand new HD TV. So, you now know how you’re going to buy your next TV, you must now choose which type of TV you want.


Liquid Crystal Display television or the LCD TV is a kind of television that makes use of the LCD technology to produce images. These TVs are thinner and lighter than the regular televisions and produce images of a superior quality. For this reason, more and more people are opting to buy an LCD TV today. However, as is the case with most high end electrical appliances, the LCD TV too does not come cheap. Most people who would want to buy such an appliance will have to think twice, on account of its price. It is the fact that they have to spend such a large sum of money all in one go that deters most customers. The buy now pay later scheme is the perfect solution to this problem.

There are many online retail stores that offer a finance option on most of their products. One such store is K & Co in UK. It allows its customers to start a ‘K Account’, using which they can buy all sorts of products, including an LCD TV and not pay anything for up to 12 months. If one chooses not to pay the amount at the end of the deferred payment period, one can still spread the cost further over selected terms. Thus, the credit option offered by stores like K & Co is very flexible and can be designed and altered as per the convenience of the customer.
A buy now pay later LCD TV will prove to be a more economical purchase than one where all the money has to be paid up front. Delaying payment and spreading the cost is an efficient way to manage funds.


The television has come a long way from being a luxury item to an item of necessity. With technological development over the years, the television has also undergone several changes, offering better picture and sound quality with every new design. The LED TV makes use of new technology to produce images with greater clarity, thus enhancing the television viewing experience. Like most other electrical appliances, the LED TV too is expensive and many customers cannot afford to buy it. One of the reasons for this could be that the customers are unwilling to spend a large amount of money on a single purchase.

A solution to this is the buy now pay later payment plans that are offered by many online retail stores. As the name suggests, this scheme gives you the option of not paying for a product as soon as you buy it and instead, make the payment in installments. Isme is an online retail store in the UK which offers this type of credit option on all of its products, from apparel to electricals. Customers can open something called an Options Account using which, one can pay for a product in monthly installments or by using the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) scheme, avoid making payments for up to 12 months.

By using this payment option, an expensive product like the LED TV also becomes affordable. It is no longer necessary for the customer to have a large amount of money at his or her disposal whenever they go shopping. They can afford to buy electrical appliances even on an impulse and pay for the same over a prolonged period of time, which allows them greater control over their finances.

Plasma TV’s

The television is one of the most commonly used electrical appliances. With the technological advancement that has taken place over the years, the television viewing experience has changed radically. Televisions today are designed to produce the best quality image and sound. The Plasma TV is one such kind of TV. It makes use of the ‘plasma display’, which renders superior quality images as compared to a regular TV. Though it is a popular choice with consumers, many people cannot afford to buy it. Most often, people might be willing to spend the required amount of money but are unable to do all at one go. The buy now pay later scheme is the perfect solution to those who are faced with such a problem.

As the name suggests, this scheme allows you to buy a product and pay for it later. Littlewoods, an online retail store in the UK is one of the many stores where customers can make use of this scheme. Customers can set up a Shopping Account, using which they can defer payment for up to 12 months on most products. Using this Shopping Account, the customer can also spread the cost of the product over a longer period of time, if necessary. There are a range of credit systems to choose from, which offers greater flexibility in payment. Thus, you can buy even an expensive appliance like the Plasma TV without having to worry about paying immediately.

The buy now pay later scheme is gaining popularity because of how practical it is. It is particularly useful when buying expensive electrical appliances like the Plasma TV because it is no longer necessary to have a large amount of money at your disposal every time you go shopping. More people can now afford to buy such products.

3D TV’s

Consumers today have an array of products at their disposal. The development of technology has ensured that people are accustomed to the best quality products and are constantly seeking out products which offer better performance. The television is an integral part of everyone’s life. However, over the years new models of the television have emerged, each more technologically advanced than the other. One such advancement is the 3D TV. Everyone has enjoyed the 3D experience while watching movies on the big screen. The 3D TV allows you to enjoy the same technology within the comfort of your home, by adding real depth to the image.

Though the 3D TV is a popular choice today, it is also expensive. This deters many customers from purchasing this product as they are unwilling or unable to spend a large amount of money at one go. The buy now pay later scheme is an ideal way to get around this. Argos allows its customers to buy an Argos card for £99 and avoid spending anything till January 2013. It also offers some other schemes on televisions such as- if you buy any TV for over £299, you can pay nothing for 9 months and pay nothing for 12 months on any TV for over £499. The customer can choose any scheme that suits them best.

A buy now pay later 3D TV is definitely easier on the pocket than having to spend all the money upfront. It assuages the guilt one might feel at spending a large amount while also giving one time to organize funds.