Prams and Pushchairs

If you are someone who is expecting a baby soon but do not have all of the money you need up front for a pram or pushchair it can be a good idea to consider shopping at one of the UK catalogues that has buy now pay later on prams available. This is because you will be able to get the baby items you need such as a new pushchair on finance without having to pay the entire amount that is due up front. Instead some stores will allow you to leave with the item when you need it as long as you are set up to make payments on an agreed upon schedule to pay off the balance.

We all know that preparing for a baby is something that can put you in a financial bind however when it comes to prams you will find that many stores have you covered. Babies are innocent and they did not ask to be here and stores understand this and came up with the buy now pay later prams option as a method to be able to help. However, as with any other credit program there are going to be certain expectations that the store has of the customers that they are considering but in reality they are nothing that are out of the ordinary.

To apply for a finance option you are going to have to do so either in person in a store that offers the plan or online. Either option is easy to do and many customers find out that they are able to know if they are approved instantly. If you are a customer that is approved you will then sign a contract, pay a deposit if required, and go home with your pushchair and not have to worry about paying any money until your first statement arrives. Additionally, you will be able to manage your account on line at any time so you can always be aware of your balance and make your payments early if your finances allow you to do so. So, if you are a UK resident and also an expectant parent this is something that is definitely worth looking into.

Usually, you will have to be 18 years or older, be employed full time, and be a resident of the UK. Obviously, each store is going to have different guidelines that they have in place but for the most part the previously mentioned criteria’s are what they are going to be looking at the most when considering you. Not to mention the fact that they can usually tell you whether not you have been approved for the program in a matter of moments.