Musical Instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument can be difficult enough without having to worry about how much buying one is going to cost you. These days though, you can buy most products on finance with instruments being no exception. So, if you’re looking for a new guitar, or you son wants a set of drums then take a look at some of the buy now and pay later options available.

Buy now and pay later on Guitars

“Buy Now Pay later” schemes refers to the option of purchasing items and then paying for them at a later date which is usually the end of the payment free period. This payment plan serves a lot of benefits to the consumers. Music lovers fall into all ages and categories. Rising prices of music equipment make a finance option a needed help for all music lovers. There are a number of stores that make this scheme available. Some of the catalogues are discussed here.

Some of the leading catalogues where guitars can be purchased on credit are Argos, Littlewoods and Isme where all kinds of guitars from Acoustic to Bass to Electric are available. All these catalogues provide an easy way for shopping. Buyers can simply select the items and then choose the “Buy now, Pay later” option. Shoppers don’t have to make the payments until the end of the Payment free period. The length of the payment free period depends on the the price of the items with the higher the price is the longer the period in which you have to pay for it. To shop on credit at some of these catalogues, you must have opened a credit account with them.

This is an effective manner to allow people to carry on with their creative pursuits without being faced by the hindrance of a credit shortage. It thus works as an incentive and assistance for budding guitarists. It also is a cost effective mechanism for shopping as the interest payments that are present in the case of borrowing.

Buy now and pay later on Drums

Demand for drums is usually made by budding music artists, established or start-up bands, instrumentalists etc. Often, these demanders find themselves in a position of bad credit which proves to be an obstacle in the pursuit of their goals. Being able to buy now and pay later on drums solves this problem for these artists. It allows them to arrange and acquire the instruments required free of cost and then pay back for it at a later date when their financial situation is better. Also, this scheme is better than borrowing as it doesn’t involve the incurrence of interest costs. So, buyers need to pay back only the price of the item that they have purchased.

There are some catalogues from which almost anyone can buy different types of drums today and pay nothing upfront, if they get accepted for the credit plan. Buyers need to go through a few checks including credit check before they can make the purchase. This is to ensure that buyers don’t default on their purchase. After this, buyers can pick the item they need to purchase, the price of which they have to pay back after a per-decided period. This period is known as payment free period and its length directly varies with the price of the item purchased. Buyers are also availed with an option of spreading the cost at the end of payment free period, just in case there financial situation still doesn’t enable them to pay the entire amount.