Everyone covets a great night’s sleep. To this effect, we always try to choose the most comfortable bed and more importantly, the most comfortable mattress. Today, there are a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, each catering to different needs. But such a choice is of no use if one does not have the money to spend on them. Household furnishings like mattresses do not come cheap and hence it is not always possible to splurge on them blindly. More often than not, people do not have a large sum of money to spend at a given point of time.

Many stores today offer what is called a ‘buy now pay later’ finance option. Such a plan is the perfect solution to problems such as spending a large amount of money in one go. Furniture Village is a store in the UK which sells home furnishings of all kinds. It boasts of an impressive range of mattresses, such as the open spring, memory foam, pocketed spring and latex and foam mattress. It also offers the buy now pay later option on its products. The scheme is called ‘Interest free credit’ and it can be used to make monthly payments of differing value depending on the cost of the product. One has to pay a certain amount as deposit, after which payments can be spread over several months.

The buy now pay later scheme as offered by stores such as Furniture Village is fast gaining popularity. It is both, practical and convenient. A buy now pay later mattress would certainly be a more economical purchase than one where the entire cost had to be paid up front. Such a scheme makes shopping for home furnishings much easier on the pocket.