Buy now and pay later on Laptops is now possible with many online stores and retailers offering this option to customers who have a credit account with them. A laptop is always essential to store personal data, information, projects and other applications that are needed. It is a handy machine helpful both at home and at a work place. Access to a laptop and internet provides a person with infinite opportunities to explore the database of information, world over.

The prices of the laptops with brand new technology vary from moderate to really expensive. This expense can be managed easier in modular payments. The buy now pay later deal allows you to lay your hand on the most sophisticated laptop you want to own and you don’t have to pay any money at the time of purchase.

Top retailers like Littlewoods and Argos offer you with the best deals in the buy now pay later laptops section. Dell, HP, Acer and Apple are the top brands on which these retailers offer this deal on. A weekly or monthly payment of what you owe is all that is required to buy the best laptop for your use. Small start-ups and business buying the laptops in bulk need not fret about paying a huge bulk of cash. A laptop costing around £400 could be paid in monthly installments of £40 each or even weekly installments of only £10 each. This way, you are able to manage your expenses better and can think of spending your money elsewhere. Some retailers charge an interest if the duration of payment is longer and others don’t offer any. These buy now pay later laptops are gaining popularity even on online stores who provide free shipping charges as well.

Even the official Apple website offers such options for customers. Apple products are becoming increasingly popular among people so coming up with flexible financing options like buying products on credit became common as well.

Let’s take Apple UK as an example and what it has to offer on iMac’s and Macbooks. It has a partnership with Barclay’s to offer the iMac (or any other Apple product) on credit to buyers. Depending on whether the customer is a student or is employed, a customized plan is come up with to maximize benefits. This can be availed by signing into the online Apple store. Then select Apple Financing Services (AFS) consumer financing as the mode of payment. There is no initial deposit required and you get to own the iMac right away. Repayment has to be done within a 36 month period although a sub-plan can be chosen.

Each website has its own set of rules that buyers will have to comply with, for example, sells products on credit on if the minimum amount is 280 Pounds including VAT. All you will need is credit card details and valid proof that you are 18 years of age and above but within 75 years like your drivers license or passport or electricity bill and that you have a steady income apart from the fact that you need to have been a citizen of the UK for the past 3 years.

All of these online stores have customer care services that are accessible round the clock for queries.