Gardening Equipment

Being able to buy anything you want on credit is a great payment option that many shops are now offering to their customers. The ability to turn a huge on lump sum payment into a manageable set of weekly or monthly payments makes expensive items far more affordable. Buy now and pay later is a finance option which offers this exact freedom and you buy anything you want including gardening equipment such as tools and sheds.

Buy now pay later on Sheds

Having a shed in your backyard can be one of the most useful home purchases, especially for those individuals without a basement. Without that extra storage outside, where would the lawnmower or trimming sheers go? Simply leaving your equipment outside can cause serious rust damage and affect the performance of your equipment.

Take a look at some of the UK’s online catalogues. Not only it is easier for you, the customer, to pick out the shed you want, you can do it with the click of a button. This is a particularly appealing idea if you’re too busy to get out of the house. Some of these catalogues make ordering online even more attractive by adding buyer’s incentives. Take Woolworths for example. If you call them with your order of £400 or more, you can be rewarded with the Buy Now Pay Later option at the checkout. It’s that simple.

Littlewoods is another catalogue that offers this finance option with nothing to pay for up to 12 months when you open a Littlewoods credit account and spend £50 or more. If you so desire, you can spread the cost of all purchases with up to 5 years interest free credit when you apply for and open a Littlewoods credit shopping account. Plus, there’s free delivery on all orders with free returns.

Isme is another one of UK’s catalogue which offers Buy Now Pay Later. You have a couple options to work with your needs. On purchases over £100, you can pay 6 months later. They also offer you the choice to pay nothing for 12 calendar months when you spend £250 or more. When you open a credit account, you can buy now pay later, spread the cost and pay monthly. Many of the UK catalogues who offer Buy Now Pay Later have similar offers as well as products, so make sure you take advantage of the catalogue that will benefit you most.

Buy now pay later on Gardening Tools

Managing your garden can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. Without the proper equipment or lack of inspiration, what should be a fun job turns into a chore. It can also be a very expensive job if you’re not too careful. If this sounds like your situation, there are simple remedies. If you’re looking or tips on new ideas to spice up your patio area, a good place to find to start is in online catalogue.

Not only do catalogues inspire great ideas, but they also have great bargains on the tools, which are necessary to make those ideas a reality. Have to finish your yard project in short notice? It’s an easy fix with the Buy Now, Pay Later option some catalogue’s offer. For example, if you find a gardening tool at K & Co, they offer Buy Now, Pay Later with 20 weeks interest free credit.

Say you find over £80’s worth of merchandise, you’ll have 52 weeks interest free credit. On top of that, the Buy Now, Pay Later option will provide you with free delivery on all orders and free returns. If you can’t find what you need at K & Co, try Isme. They have similar Buy Now, Pay Later features, but they also give you the choice to pay nothing for 12 calendar months when you spend £250 or more. Littlewoods also carries gardening products for you to look through.