Buy now and pay later on games consoles from a number of online retailers including Littlewoods and Very. These days a gaming console is a must have for any kid but with prices still at a high cost, buying one can be difficult for some of us. With a pay weekly or monthly payment plan, you can buy one today and pay it off over a period of a year in small installments.

With the next generation of gaming consoles recently released you may be looking for a finance option for the new Xbox One or the PS4. have some of the best deals around for spreading the cost on the latest games consoles. They also provide the latest news on recently released games!

Buy now pay later Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox offers a revolutionary gaming console with both joysticks enabled and hands free gaming experience. It is an ideal device for serious gamers with a huge library of games and other media content. It has a built-in Wi-Fi for easier connection to the world. An option to stream HD movies and TV is additional advantage with this gaming console. The new Xbox comes with the Kinect technology which enables the user to play hands-free without the hassles of cords and cables. This is a one stop place for all the professional gamers who enjoy being in the game rather than just playing the game.

The main market for the Xbox is gamers who are in their teens and young adults. As money is a constraint for this demography, retailers are offering the buy now pay later Xbox scheme in which the person buys the console and makes the payment in installments over a certain duration of time. The payment can be made weekly or monthly based on how much the buyer can afford. There are different versions of the Xbox valued at different prices.

The Xbox 360 4GB is priced at £180 and Littlewoods, a leading electrical retailer offers the buy now pay later Xbox option in which the buyer is required to pay around £10 a month for a period of 18 months with a small amount of interest. You can also opt to pay around £15 a month for 12 months and pay no interest whatsoever. The scheme is made as consumer friendly as possible with no deposit required up-front and one simply has to deposit his/her proof of income, identity proof and personal reference for the retailer to keep track of the person. An Xbox is made really accessible to the youth who do not earn much and paying a menial amount every month is enough to enjoy the best gaming experience

Buy now pay later Playstation 3

The Sony Playstation which started off purely as a game-machine now in its third generation PS3 has transformed into a home entertainment unit. Features such as watching DVD movies, internet access, video chat, digital photo-viewing and digital audio has made it a versatile one-stop device for all the entertainment purposes at home. Though the new features add to its market value, it still stands out primarily as a gaming console. The main success behind the PS3 is the sensational controller that provides the most amazing intuitive gaming experience. There are variations in the controllers that come along with the PS3. If you are playing a car racing game, you can steer a car by holding the controller like a steering wheel. The online PlayStation market offers myriad games and movies for easy download.

This beautiful technological gaming device might require you to cough up a few more bucks than you actually want to. It is priced at £250 which is an expensive buy at one go. With the new buy now pay later scheme offered by leading electrical stores on various appliances and electrical components, owning a PS3 has become really affordable. One can buy the PS3 and enjoy the entertainment value it provides by paying its price in weekly or monthly installments. Buy now pay later PS3 deals have become a hit among gamers as they are able to play without having the need to worry about paying an exorbitant amount. Retailers like Littlewoods are making huge sales because of these deals and all they require is an income proof and personal reference to be deposited at the time of purchase. The whole scheme seems flawless and is fast catching up as it is consumer friendly.