Bikes are a great way for people to exercise and stay in shape and when stores such as Littlewoods offer the buy now pay later option to their customers it makes it even more affordable for people who need bikes to be able to afford one. Buying now and paying later on bikes allows bikers to be able to get what they need without having to pay all of the money up front for one. Instead customers are allowed to get the bike and pay off their balances on a weekly, monthly, or bi weekly basic.

Spread the Cost is another finance option which a number of the UK catalogues now offer to their customers to purchase bikes with. However, like many of the other catalogues that have this option available you will have to qualify first in order to be approved. However, you will find that qualifying is something that is not hard at all and the things that they ask in order to determine whether or not you qualify are things that are not hard to abide by at all.

Overall, this payment plan is one of the best things that these catalogues could have thought of. Bikers never know when their bikes are going to go out and the best thing is now they do not have to scramble around wondering how they will be able to come up with the money for a new one because we all know that bikes are not cheap at all.

Buy now and pay later on Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and some stores such as Littlewoods have even started making it so customer can purchase bikes on their pay weekly payment plan. What this plan basically does it make it so customers who do not have the entire balance for their mountain bike can get what they want and either pay nothing for up to 12 months or pay it off on a weekly basis. As long as the full amount if paid off within the allotted time then no interest will be charged whatsoever.

When it comes to applying for a credit account, this is something that can either be done in person at the actual store or some stores allow you to apply online. Either way you should be able to find out whether or not you have been approved instantly. Once you have been approved you will then be able to purchase your mountain bike.

When it comes to paying back your balance many UK catalogues have it so you can access your account twenty four hours online. You can make your payments online as well or you can do so by using one of the other payment methods that they have in place. However, you will want to make sure that you make your payments on time or you will lose your mountain bike and your credit will be affected negatively. Overall, buying a mountain bike on finance is a great option to consider unless you do not abide by the rules set in place by the catalogue.